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Emmanuel Yousuf

My name is Emmanuel Yousuf and I was born in a nominal Christian family in Karachi Pakistan. Since my childhood I love to serve my Lord God Jesus Christ but without guidance I always made mistakes. My life was muddled with sins and my life was under a curse due to my parents. They believed (Peer Baba) in witchcraft men who always used to come to my home. At the age of 16, I started to learn witchcraft magic and I spent a long period with a witchcraft master and friends. One day God sent his servant to me and he told me, “Emmanuel you are on the wrong track”. He spent time with me and convinced me that I was wrong. It was then that I decided to leave my wrong path. A man of God prayed for me and after that I had a dream where demons came to me and said that they will teach me magic but I refused to learn. It was my last conversation with demons. After that all the magic words were wiped from my brain by the grace of God and now I can’t even remember any of the magic words. But my life was the same as before. God saved me from Satan’s hand and Jesus called me for his kingdom’s work but I did not listen to his voice because I was too involved in worldly things.


At the age of 20, I got married to my lovely wife Razia and God blessed me and my wife with five children; two daughters and three boys. From time to time I had dreams that I was in prison but I couldn’t understand the meaning of these dreams. When I completed my nursing training in 1988; God gave me the chance to go to a foreign country in 1992 and I got a job in prison hospital. I still had the same dream that I was in prison but still I couldn’t understand God plans for my life. After nearly one year I was on duty in prison hospital and one prisoner had a health problem.  The police don’t want to bring him to the hospital clinic so the nurse in charge sent me to do his checkups. When I was checking his blood pressure in a prison cell behind the bars, God suddenly reminded me of my dreams. I was shocked and then I started to think about my life and why God brought me to this Gulf country. Later on God reminded me that you were not listening to me when I was calling you in Pakistan. Then I realised Gods plan for my life and it was then that I decided to give my life to Jesus Christ. I chose to become a new born Christian on my anniversary so that I will never forget the day that I repented.  On 13th December 1993 I repented and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal saviour and within one year I had seen lots of changes in my life. One day God asked me to serve as an evangelist to distribute the Bible to the prisoners? First of all I didn’t want to do this as it was very hard for me to do, but God asked me constantly until I accepted God’s plan for my life that I will distribute 101 bibles and will become an evangelist. God filled me with Holy Spirit and gave me the peace of heart and understanding of evangelism. After I had distributed 101 bibles God asked me what about rest of your life? It was then that I promised to God I would serve him my whole life.


In 1999 God asked me will you serve me as a pastor? I said yes my Lord I will serve you and God ordained me. In December 2000, I resigned from my Prison hospital Job and went back to Pakistan. Through my life, God saved my family and relatives and many friends. In February 2001, I came into England and started working in a nursing home and outside of work I was continuing to evangelise. I completed my theology in 2006 and God ordained me publically in 2006. God gave me the ministry, Asian Heart of Jesus Ministries. God blessed many families through my prayer and counselling.  I prayed for sick people and families who have no children. God blessed many families with babies and many people got deliverance from demons. God saved many souls through my life around the world. I try my best to help families through biblical counselling. I’m always ready to serve my saviour and Master Jesus Christ. God bless you for reading.